Core Cage Fitness

I offer comprehensive training which goes above and beyond to get you in the best shape of your life.

If you commit and do everything within my coaching program and don’t see and feel noticeable results after 12 weeks I will refund you your entire investment. No questions asked, we just simply part as friends, not that I’ve ever had to give anyone a refund before.


The Core Cage Fitness Program

Introducing Core Cage Fitness, a revolutionary fitness system, that delivers a unique fat-burning, muscle-toning, whole-body exercise experience. Your defined chest and arms, firm hips and thighs, and that desirable look and feel of lean, toned abs are just a call away!



Nutrition + Fitness Simplified

Stop wasting time and spending your hard-earned money on diets and exercise programs that don't work! With your IDLife DNA™ results and our free assessment, we are able to connect the dots of your genetic makeup with recommended diet and lifestyle choices to create a fully personalized nutrition and fitness program designed just for you!

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3D Imager


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Red Light Therapy

The light from Near-Infrared LED's has been shown to bring energy to cells, reduce pain, increase Collagen and Elastin production in skin cells, speed up the wound healing process, reduce inflammation, and provide numerous anti-aging benefits.

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