Infrared Sauna/Red Light Therapy

Our Red Light Therapy consists of an Infrared Sauna with the LED red lighting to improve circulation and decrease inflammation. The light from Near-Infrared LED's has been shown to

  • bring energy to cells
  • reduce pain
  • increase Collagen and Elastin production in skin cells
  • speed up the wound healing process
  • reduce inflammation
  • provide numerous anti-aging benefits.

On top of the health benefits, our sauna also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities for personalized music & podcasts right from your phone.

Your booked sauna time also comes with a complimentary Fiji water bottle and electrolyte stick for hydration after perspiration.

Your sauna time is completely customizable as you can control

  • the temperature
  • the strength of the heat & energy
  • lighting.

Contact us today to book your relaxing & rejuvenating time with us to improve your life.